Monday, 12 March 2012

Moving out

March of 2012, I moved the MGB out of the house garage and into the Lakeview Townhouse.  The Townhouse has a double tandem garage, so lots of room to take the MGB apart.  My dad and I had worked on the boot lid a bit getting the bend out of it and removing the luggage rack.  You can see from the picture the spots where we had to do a little welding.

Once the car was safely stowed in the new Townhouse garage we could get to work taking it apart.

Lots more room! I think I could fit a few MGBs in here.  My dad tells me you need twice as much room as the car if you are going to be doing a restoration.  If I run out of room here (doubtful) he has lots of room at his shop in Bragg Creek to store a few parts.

While I was moving the car I even took it out on the freeway and checked the motor.  It definitely still runs very well, it gets up to speed quickly and top speed is about 160 kph.  It certainly could use a fifth gear, which would increase that top speed.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Minor tweaks - new muffler

The incessant rattle from the muffler was making my skull hurt. Time for an upgrade! A muffler kit from moss was ordered along with all the required clamps and brackets. Oh and while I was at it I decided to add a rear lowering kit to my order. Well, and I put electronic ignition in the cart. And, since I was placing an order, I might as well include a high performance fuel pump.

When all those goodies arrived I went to work on the car. I am excited to say the rattle is gone, it idles much better and the profile looks great with the lowered rear end. The fuel pump was put in as well although I didn't see much of a difference there. That should be it for a while, which is a good thing with an ever expanding family!

With the new baby I don't imagine I will get to the MGB for a while. She is nicely tucked away in the garage, waiting for the day when we can go for a ride. The MG that is, the baby gets a room of her own.

Looking back I have done a ton of work on the car. It runs great, has new suspension and tires which make it a joy to drive. The next big project is to paint it. But with other priorities that is going to have to wait. Which will give me some time to plan out exactly what I want to do to the car.

It won't be just a straight forward paint job. The color will stay the same, brook lands green, but I plan on putting an air dam on the front, remove the luggage rack, a few other minor modifications.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

New head.

I finally saved up enough money to have the head for the MG rebuilt.  I took it to Mic Jones and he did a fantastic job on it.  He replaced the valves with bigger ones, both intake and exhaust.  All of the valve guides were replaced, and it got triple springs.

Mic asked me why I didn't do this work when I got the motor redone.  I told him I thought I had.  Turns out Auto-Mann had just done a simple overhaul on the head.

Anyway, I have a new head ready to go on the motor.  I ordered a few parts from Moss, including a new high performance head gasket.

Once I had the head back on I took it back to Mic to have the carbs tuned.  He tuned them up and the car is running in the best shape of its life.

Baby number two has arrived - Eden Drew.

Monday, 23 August 2004

Floated valve

I havent written on this blog for quite a while.  I have lots of updates, just none on the car.  I got married in 2001 and had my first kid, a boy, Griffin in 2003.  Not surprisingly the car was a lower priority for a few years.  

In August I decided to take it on a road trip to Edmonton.  My friends are members of the West Leduc Antique Society and I was going to go up to participate in the weekend events.  Since I hadn't taken the MG for a drive in some time I dusted her off, changed the oil and hit the highway.

The motor ran quite well, but at high rpm it was starving for fuel.  Passing cars on the highway was a bit of challenge.  I made it to Edmonton okay though and we decided to have a look at it.  First things first was to change out the fuel filter.  A test drive proved that was the culprit.

The next morning I drove to West Leduc from my buddies house in Edmonton.  On the highway it was quite noticeable, the car could really move.  Unfortunately I pushed it a little too hard.  Somewhere around 160 it choked.

I floated a valve.

I got towed back to the antique show and we took off the tappet cover.  Sure enough, one bent valve.  I thought about trying to get it back under the rocker but then thought differently.  I didnt want to risk a long trip home with a faulty engine.

So I found a car hauler and towed the MG back home (again).  And there it sits.  Waiting for a new head.

Monday, 23 August 1999

New motor - running well

The summer of 1999 my MG was running the best it had ever run since I bought her in 1992.  The new engine ran great.  A new alternator had fixed the electrical issues.  The new interior was like new.  I drove that car every opportunity I got.

I even made some long distance trips in the MG, including a few to Edmonton.  I tried my best to find some back country roads to drive on when I could.  These cars are a lot more fun to drive when the road isnt straight.

Thursday, 5 March 1998

Rods bachelor party

After having the engine redone the car was an absolute joy to drive.  I drove it a lot and then parked it for the winter in my backyard.  Come spring it was time to get it out again.

My best friend Rod was having a batchelor party at drumheller provinical park.  I decided to drive the MG out there.  It is about a 3 hour drive from Calgary and I hadnt put that many highway miles on the car.  I was taking a bit of risk but didnt think anything of it.

I got as far as Cluny.  Do you want to know whats in Cluny? Not much.  The car just stopped firing, turned out the alternator was no good and I had been driving the car on battery power alone.  It wouldnt even turn over.  So a quick call to the AMA and I got a tow back to Calgary.

It was almost midnight by the time I got home, I loaded up my truck and headed out again.  I made to Dinosaur park by 2am just in time to go to sleep.

I can't remember how many times that MG has been towed.  Too many. And I am sure it wont be the last.

Sunday, 23 March 1997

More money than brains...

My Dad uses the saying ' more money than brains...' quite frequently.  You would think it would have sunk in.  After roaming around Australia for a while, I came home and got another engineering job.  I was living at home and pulling in a pretty decent wage.  Thanks Mom and Dad for not charging me rent!  The MG ran well, and cornered well with those tires, but it needed some more power.  I decided to spend some of my hard earned money on a motor rebuild.

I removed the motor from the car with the help of my brother. We took the head off, drained the oil and managed to lift it out of the car with muscle power alone.  Once it was out, we took it in to the mechanic.  I had the motor rebuilt in Calgary by Auto-Mann.  They bored it out to a 2.0l, put in a high lift cam, converted it to twin SU carbs and a few other treats including a header.  It took a few weeks to have it all done, and once it was finished they called me to pick it up.

Malcolm gave me pretty strict instructions to not try starting the motor once it was back in the car.  He wanted to make sure that all their hard work was not going to go to waste.  My Dad and I dropped the motor back in the car and joined it with the transmission once again.  Now just to get it back to Auto-mann for start up.

I had a friend who owned a car hauler.  He offered to haul the car back to Auto-mann for the finishing work.  We loaded up the car up ready for transport when my friend asked me, 'do you want to drive it?'  

'Huh?' I replied, 'what do you mean?'

'Hop in the back, you can ride in the car into town.  You probably miss driving it, so this is an opportunity for you.'

Well, I couldn't resist, I hoped in the drivers seat and road in the car, on the car hauler, back to Auto-Mann.  That must have been quite the sight for passing motorists.

Correction: we made one stop along the way,  A charity car washing event.  After getting the car nicely polished, we took it to Auto-mann and unloaded it from the car hauler.